High Temperature VOICE COILS

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Now you can try our Voice Coils by only spending Rs 5,000/-

You can customize your order according to the size of the Voice Coil.You may choose one/multiple size i.e 5" 4" 3" 2" 1.5" & 1". We will advise you on the no. of pieces we can send.

Courier Charges Free for this starter pack, Rs 5000/- is all you need to pay!!

*For customers in the Indian Subcontinent only

3" Voice Coils : 76.2 & 75.5 mm

Our most popular Voice Coils in the Indian market.Available in Outer winding or Inner / Outer Winding.

CCAW Voice Coils also available for those ecellent mids

76.2 mm Ccaw
76.2 mm White
76.2 mm White
76.2 mm 300 Watts
76.2 mm 300 Watts
76.2 mm White
76.2 mm Black
Stacked up
76.2 mm Copper
76.2 mm Copper
3" Copper
76.2mm Ccaw
Voice Coils 4" White
99.3 mm White
100mm for Subwoofer
99.3mm on Aluminium Former
99.3mm for 2226
82.5 mm Inner - Outer
Inner - Outer
4" Voice Coils : 99.3, 99.5,100mm etc.

We cover every size possible in the Indian speaker industry and abroad.Our range in 4" is extremely broad as we make around 20 sizes in different mm.We can also customize your as per your requirement in the following fields :

- 2 Layer / 4 Layer / Inner - Outer

- 4 Ohms ,8 Ohms or 16 Ohms

- TIL, Kapton, Fibre Glass or Aluminium Former

4.5" & 5" Voice Coils : 114.5, 125, 127mm etc.

Our Voice Coils in the 4.5" & 5" category are capable of High Performance & Output much like the speakers they are used in.All our Voice Coils are made of imported (UHT) Ultra High Temperature Glue which made them ready for excessive temperatures.

Our range includes sizes such as 114.3mm  114.5mm 125.5mm 126mm 126.5mm 126.8mm 127mm etc.

Outer Winding Packing
Inner / Outer Packing
114.5 mm
38.5mm Ccaw
38.5mm Ccaw
51.3mm Packaging
51.3mm Packing
All Sizes
All Sizes
  All Other Sizes

We make all the popular + odd sizes that are required by the Indian Speaker industry.Our range starts at 1.5" , 1.75" , 2" , 2.5" and goes up to 6".The production process of every voice coil is very advance and similar so they are all capable of handling high temperatures & stress at their own levels.

Some of our popular sizes are :






All of the above are available in 4 ohms/8 ohms/16ohms.